About Us

Meet the Owner

Born and raised in Eastern Massachusetts, Chris Cummings is the founder of Abbott Hill Homes. He grew up watching his father work on multiple real estate ventures and remodeling projects. His Great Grandfather was an MIT Graduate in Architecture and designed buildings in Boston that still exist today.

Chris graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Operations Management in 1998 and remodeled his first house, top to bottom, in 2001. After finishing another complete home remodel in 2016, he decided to turn his passion for home improvement into Abbott Hill Homes. Having worked in IT for 18 years, Chris brings his strong analytical, organizational, and technical skills to every job site. His exceptional care for the homeowner is second to none and ensures all jobs are done on time, on budget and with the highest quality and craftsmanship. He also ensures a low stress environment for the homeowner. He lives in Chelmsford with his wife and twin daughters.

Welcome to Our Process

The planning and logistics of any home remodeling project in Northern Massachusetts can often be overwhelming. At Abbott Hill Homes, we will help alleviate your stress and ensure your satisfaction through the following carefully-planned steps:


    Our team will meet with you to conduct a thorough evaluation of your remodeling project. We want to understand the entire scope of the project. This ensures that we can make the proper recommendations during the project development phase. At this consultation we will:

    * Establish your preferences in design and materials.
    * Evaluate the project’s feasibility.
    * Review and clarify the project scope.
    * Review our process from design to construction.
    * Measure and photograph existing physical space.


    Our team will take the information from the consultation and create a series of designs for your review. Our Designs will:

    * Include a project scope based on your preferences.
    * Consider your budget requirements.
    * Create both a layout view as well as a 3D view of the space.


    We will meet again to go over the designs created for you. The plans can be further refined and revised based on your feedback. In the meeting, we will:

    * Review your computer generated, 3-D drawings.
    * Discuss product options (cabinetry & counters, appliances, windows & doors, flooring).
    * Discuss design alterations and revise.
    * Review the project scope and budget.


    Will will meet again to go over the final design. In this meeting we will:

    * Review your final computer generated, 3-D drawing.
    * Choose product options (cabinetry & counters, appliances, windows & doors, flooring).
    * Review the project scope and budget.
    * Approve the final design.


    Will will send you the final documentation and contract of work to be done. In this step, you can:

    * Review the documentation.
    * Sign and return the contract so we can schedule your project.


    This is the final step in developing your project. Our team will:

    * Obtain building permits (if required).
    * Develop the project schedule.
    * Meet with you and review the project schedule.


    The first day usually consists of any necessary demolition. Immediately following will be the cleaning and construction phase. We pride ourselves on a swift and thorough completion time, finishing much faster and with greater craftsmanship and quality than the competition!


    We stand behind our work at Abbott Hill. In addition to the warranties that come with the materials and products we install, we offer a two year craftsmanship warranty on all our work. We will also follow up with you after 1 year to make sure you are still happy with your new space!


Let us complete your home project, faster and more affordably. Call Abbott Hill today at 978-496-8873. We look forward to hearing from you!