When it comes to the creation of a remodeled kitchen (or any other room in the home), the finish carpentry can have a huge impact on the character, comfort, and functionality of the space. Because finish carpentry is such an important aspect to the redesign process, Abbott Hill Homes offers professional finish carpentry services to truly perfect your remodeling or home improvement project. From hardwood floors to windows and doors, we’ll put the finishing touches on any residential space.

It’s important to remember that an expert’s touch can really make your carpentry look its very best and withstand the tests of time. As part of our finish carpentry offerings, Abbott Hill Homes can add design flourishes or craftsmanship to door trim and window frames, install baseboards, backsplashes, and paneling, make modifications to your closet doors and pantry spaces, and so much more.


As a homeowner, you’ll likely be interested to know that wainscoted walls can serve a dual purpose. The traditional use for wainscoting is centered around practicality, as it serves to protect and cover the lowest and most vulnerable portions of your walls from damage. However, wainscoting can also provide an attractive and visually-appealing furnishing to the more open or blank spaces in your home. At Abbott Hill Homes, we can help you select a wainscoting style that fits your remodeling vision and provide an efficient and affordable installation.

When you choose Abbott Hill Homes as your trusted wainscoting partner, we’ll provide you with a vast selection of product materials and styles to suit any preference–whether you prefer a modern look or you’re going for a more traditional or rustic style. Our expert wainscoting installation will greatly enhance the visual appeal of your interior space and fit within your budget. We’re all about custom solutions when it comes to wainscoting, so we’re happy to listen to your ideas and provide you with expert feedback and recommendations.


If you have any questions about our finish carpentry or wainscoting services or if you would like to schedule a free, in-home consultation, please contact us at 978-496-8873 today.